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Medical tubing continues to be an integral part of today's sophisticated medical devices. There is a common misconception that extrusion is simple and easy however, medical device companies are aware that extrusion quality plays an important role in their medical device manufacturing.  This is where One Medical Extrusion comes in.  We draw upon extensive engineering experience to deliver your medical extrusion according to your exact specifications.  We provide outstanding tolerance control, length accuracy, and concentricity. Our precision extrusion solutions include but are not limited to custom extrusion of thermoplastics produced in a controlled room environment and fabricated braid-reinforced tubing in a broad selection of materials, sizes, and wall thicknesses. Co-extrusions are yet another area of expertise – for multiple layers, for overcoating of wires, and for combining dissimilar materials. With our wide portfolio of solutions, we are able to meet your medical application needs. 

Complementing all of this, One Medical Extrusion offers capabilities such as rapid response prototyping to verify manufacturability. Our process and regulatory expertise, strong supplier relationships, and equipment availability keep lead times short and help ensure the success of your medical tubing.

Our team of highly qualified engineers, material and polymer experts, and skilled technicians make One Medical Extrusion stand out above the rest. You can count on us to focus on design for manufacturability, provide regulatory support, and scale-up for manufacturing. One Medical Extrusion offers you a true, full-service partnership with virtually all the resources required to get your project off the drawing board and into the market.

There are plenty of extrusion suppliers in the world. But only One Medical Extrusion offers you a winning combination of vertically integrated capabilities, deep expertise, and decades of experience.


Come to us with your extrusion challenge—we’ll turn it into reality.

Medical Extrusion Technology

One Medical Extrusion technical and processing expertise enables us to extrude a wide range of materials, offering a custom extrusion solution specific to your development team requirements of a certain application.


Materials Used On A Daily Basis:

PEBAX Nylon | Tungsten | Hytrel | Kraton (TPE) | Tecoflex | Tecothane |

Polyurethane (TPU) Pellethane | Polyblend | Polyethylene (HDPE, MDPE, LDPE & LLDPE)|
Polyolefins | ChronoPrene | Radiopaque | Besno Nylon | PET | Polycarbonate
 | Custom Compounds 


Common Extrusion Processes:

Multi-Lumen | Single Lumen | Balloon Tubing | Profile Tubing | Co-extrusion (multi-layer)
Thin Wall Tubing | Cut Lengths | Spooled | Over Core | Braid Tubing | Taper (Bump)

Our manufacturing facility has the standards of ISO 13485 and 9001, reaffirming our goal of maintaining a quality system of the highest possible standard. Fully equipped laboratory for incoming raw materials and online statistical process control as well as a vast array of contact and non-contact inspection technologies ensure that every product requirement is met.
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